Saturday, 28 June 2014

Call for Papers - Manual Therapy announces special issue on therapeutic exercise

Manual Therapy will be publishing a Special Issue focusing on therapeutic exercise and is currently seeking papers, guest edited by Professors Karen S√łgaard (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark) and Gwendolen Jull (the University of Queensland, Australia) Musculoskeletal pain and impaired function present the most common chronic health disorders.

They are a huge burden on society affecting the economy as well as having serious consequences for quality of life at the individual level. Musculoskeletal pain and impaired function are, in the main, non-specific and fluctuating but, if left untreated, may develop into chronic conditions. Therapeutic exercise should be a safe first choice of early prevention of recurrence and treatment.

In the past few decades, physical exercise, from a public health perspective, has been shown to be beneficial for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of a number of lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. In contrast, the role of therapeutic exercise as an efficient way to prevent and treat musculoskeletal disorders has, until recently, attracted much less attention.

Because of the recognised importance of therapeutic exercise a forthcoming special edition of Manual Therapy journal is planned. Its aim is to present current research on all levels of the evidence hierarchy, that contribute to increased knowledge on how fundamental exercise is to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

Submissions are invited by 1st September 2014. Please submit here under the heading – 'Special Issue – therapeutic exercise' on the online form.

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