Friday, 11 December 2015

AHP contribution to public health

The recent King's Fund event on the Allied Health Professions (AHPs) and new models of care featured the official release of two significant documents that look at the role of AHPs in public health.

'The role of allied health professionals in public health - examples of interventions delivered by allied health professionals that improve the public's health' gives examples of where there is evidence of AHP impact on public health.

'A strategy to develop the capacity, impact and profile of allied health professionals in public health' sets out a vision for the role of AHPs in public health and plans for implementation, as well as goals and measuring success.

It is designed to help AHPs, professional bodies and partner organisations to further develop leadership in public health, share best practice and embed preventative healthcare across their work.

Linda Hindle (above), Lead Allied Health Professional for Public Health in England, published an excellent blog post which provides further information on the work that led up to these publications.

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